Jake Paris


I currently play guitar, bass, and percussion. I do these things for my own enjoyment, as well as in our church to worship Jesus.

Music-related Development

I created an app for SomaFM Internet Radio.

And this is more development-related music, but nonetheless, here’s a list of music and sounds for web development and coding.

Music-related posts

  • Abide With Me (sketch of arrangement)
    This just three verses (of the 5 available) of this song, to get a sense of the arrangement. The missing verses would probably … Read more
  • Come Holy Spirit Come
    I was just on the website of Hiram Ring, a musician and linguist, when I noticed that he gave a shout out to … Read more
  • Poor Sinner Dejected with Fear
    This is the tune for Poor Sinner, Dejected with Fear written by Katy Bowser and Matthew Perryman Jones  ©2001. Lovely tune, and the fun … Read more
  • O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing
    I took the old familiar melody, but switched out the awkward 3/2 time for a swing feel. That change went a good distance … Read more
  • What a Friend We Have in Jesus
    This is the traditional melody for this What a Friend We Have in Jesus, but arranged on guitar to sound more up to date. … Read more
  • Via Dolorosa
    During our 2017 Good Friday service, we played Via Dolorosa as a music-team only song. Sarah Clarke is singing and I’m playing guitar. … Read more
  • Lift High the Cross
    Tunes that are both energetic and meaningful can be hard to come by . The passion in these words is worthy of a … Read more
  • And Can It Be
    A new tune for this old song. Recently a friend said this: “Only a handful of hymns get me teary-eyed everytime I sing … Read more

– and a few little sketches, because why not

Riff for Jon Phillips