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Jake Paris

in Maine, in 2024

WordPress Plugins

Here are some WordPress plugins I’ve built over the years. Some are gems, some are ok. For the few of these that cost money, I can help you get the plugin configured should that be needed.

New York Times Bestseller Lists

This plugin creates a smooth interface for quickly and easily navigating through all of the New York Times Bestseller lists. Click that link to check out a demo or just try it on your site now.

Sermon Management/Interface

Add the ability to manage sermons and their meta information to any WordPress site. This should be plug-n-play with any theme, but let me know if you run into problems.

Library Catalog Search Integration

This integrates the search features from a Library OPAC search into your WordPress site.  It works for both III and Sirsi catalogs. It was originally built specificatlly for the Minerva Consortium’s implementation of the III library software (a.k.a the library catalog around where I live), but it should work for any. It’s super cool! You can see it in action on websites for the Lewiston Public Library and the Topsham Public Library. You can see the Sirsi flavor on Batavia Public Library’s site. There are options for material type filters and search fields, as well as a nice interface providing access to some of the advanced search features available on the original catalog site.

If you’d like to see some more examples, just give me a shout and we can talk.


This is mostly aimed at libraries. It creates a configurable Book Carousel. Book covers come from a variety of cover image services such as Google Books, Amazon, or even a provider of your choice. The links can be easily customized to point to your library catalog’s record for the title. Check it on the Windham Public Library site or the Lewiston Public Library site. Others too; bonus points if you find them! ;)

Block Comments by Character Set

Stop those annoying comments in Cyrillic.