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Setting up Domain Mapping with WordPress MU

Most of this information can be found here, but I’d like to rewrite it for increased clarity and to add a few details. First some definitions: umbrella domain: the domain which houses the mu installation…

Shortcode to Use a WordPress widget in Page Content

A small snippet creating a shortcode which will display any widget.

Debugging WordPress Rewrite Rules

art by Susan Gain
If you’ve ever tried to use WordPress’ rewriting functions, let alone debug them, you know pain. The terror that this experience visited on me spurred me to create this drop-in function which prints a…

Using AJAX in WordPress

Most of the work of setting up an ajax action in the WordPress environment happens in php-land. The PHP File Register & enqueue your script. In this example, I’ll assume the script has already…

WordPress Beginner’s Guide

I made this for a client, but others who are just starting might find it useful. What is WordPress? WordPress is a popular content management system. It began as blog publishing software and is…