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Jake Paris

in Maine, in 2024

Journal entries tagged “vanilla-js”

GET Query Params with Javascript

Update April 2018 Sigh, the things we learn as we go… This is actually way easier than I made it before. In fact, it’s so easy it doesn’t really need these wrapper functions around the URLSearchParams() family of things. However in the interest of making a transition from the earlier code, here you are: var […]

Helper function (in vanilla js) to find a GET query parameter

var parseQueryParameters = function(){ var queryString =; var queries = {}; if(queryString==”) return queries; var q = queryString.replace(‘?’,”).split(‘&’); q.forEach(function(pair){ var a = pair.split(‘=’); if(typeof a[1]===’undefined’) a.push(”); queries[a[0]] = a[1]; }); return queries; }; var getQueryStringValue = function(param){ var queries = parseQueryParameters(); if(typeof queries[param] == ‘undefined’) return false; else return queries[param]; };