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Jake Paris

in Maine, in 2024

Journal entries tagged “Christian”

Abide With Me (sketch of arrangement)

This just three verses (of the 5 available) of this song, to get a sense of the arrangement. The missing verses would probably both run like the middle one here.

Come Holy Spirit Come

I was just on the website of Hiram Ring, a musician and linguist, when I noticed that he gave a shout out to Beth Almquist and I for adding a chorus to his tune. I had actually forgotten we did that and sent it to him, so it was a complete surprise to find our […]

Poor Sinner Dejected with Fear

This is the tune for Poor Sinner, Dejected with Fear written by Katy Bowser and Matthew Perryman Jones  Š2001. Lovely tune, and the fun thing is to try to play the melody line and supporting chords at once. This recording is me by my lonesome self, playing a prelude at church a few weeks back.

O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing

I took the old familiar melody, but switched out the awkward 3/2 time for a swing feel. That change went a good distance in making the song feel not so antiquated. And as a bonus, the melody feels close enough to the original that an average congregant doesn’t need to “learn” anything, they just pick […]

What a Friend We Have in Jesus

This is the traditional melody for this What a Friend We Have in Jesus, but arranged on guitar to sound more up to date. There are two guitars in this example track; one of them is doing the melody line.

Via Dolorosa

During our 2017 Good Friday service, we played Via Dolorosa as a music-team only song. Sarah Clarke is singing and I’m playing guitar. I had never heard of this song before, but it’s pretty interesting to play.  

Lift High the Cross

Tunes that are both energetic and meaningful can be hard to come by . The passion in these words is worthy of a joyous tune, but I find the traditional melody to this song a bit (terribly) stodgy. So it was a good candidate for a new tune, and here we have it. It turned […]

And Can It Be

A new tune for this old song. Recently a friend said this: “Only a handful of hymns get me teary-eyed everytime I sing them, one of them is your rendition/ composition of and can it be that I should gain.” Sheet Music Demo My singing is not the best, but you get a sense of […]