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My Quest to eliminate/reduce my dependence on Google products

When it comes to email, most of us are driving around the beautiful and free Lamborghini that is Gmail (along with its associated Google applications). Lately, however, I’ve started to be more bothered by the fact that this free ride comes with an analyst in the passenger seat quietly making a note of everyone I talk […]

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A top 10 website

There are roughly 3000 colleges in the United States. If you keep that in mind, getting chosen for a top ten slot in a list of “Best College Websites” is pretty excellent. Well, someone pointed out to me today that Bates College‘s site (which is covered in my develop/design fingerprints) is on a number of these […]

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Bye Bye Laptop

Today, on February 9, 2018 at 1pm EST, I say goodbye to my first real developer laptop. A MacBook Pro from 2014. The keyboard is the best I’ve ever used (like typing on hard butter) and I will miss it greatly. Barely ever had an ounce of trouble with this beauty. We’ve been through so […]

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Evernote & GTD: A Simpler Way

I read The Secret Weapon about how to use Evernote as a Gettings Things Done (GTD) facilitator. I tried the method, but found it too labor intensive. It requires too much shifting things around manually; adding and removing tags and the like. I’d rather have a system which takes care of itself as much as possible. […]

How to Create a Custom HTML signature in Gmail

Gmail has limitations on what code can be included in your signature. With this little hack you can add most html to your signature.

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Paul Irish and Me!

This is a photo of Paul Irish and I at An Event Apart 2014. This is just after he asked my advice on site performance. I told him, “Well, Paul, it’s complicated…” 

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with Paul Irish at An Event Apart 2014