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Jake Paris

in Maine, in 2024

Journal entries categorized “Helps”

Debounce an input using select hook in WordPress/Gutenberg

I was building a component for the block editor which accepts user input (i.e. a text search) and searches for matching posts. For various reasons I couldn’t use the <URLInput> component and needed to roll something more custom. I got stuck on this because when using the useSelect hook triggered by changes from a text […]

How to use SVN for updating WordPress plugins

I’m a git user, and I always forget how to use SVN to update my WordPress plugins for the official plugins repository listing. Here is a reminder to myself. This assumes you have svn installed on your system already. The first thing is to make the updates in the git tracked folder. Don’t make them […]

Transforming shortcodes to “blocks”

Check out my latest article series on the Bates Web Technologies site:

WordPress Beginner’s Guide

I made this for a client, but others who are just starting might find it useful. What is WordPress? WordPress is a popular content management system. It began as blog publishing software and is perhaps still best known as such.  It is used by over a million websites, including notables such as Yahoo, CNN, Flickr, […]